Why Group

“Human beings are fundamentally and pervasively motivated by a need to belong.”
R. Baumeister and M. Leary 

We believe that the healing powers of group are activated through
learning, connecting and belonging.
We are committed to training and supporting effective group leaders.

learning, connecting, belonging

why learn about groups?

Understanding group dynamics helps us understand the relational aspects of everyday life, as we all engage in many groups over the course of our natural lives.

Groups foster empathic connections and processes
that help us maintain a sense of ourselves in relation to others.

Groups serve as a powerful microcosm that allow us to explore many of the difficulties that get in our way of connecting and belonging with others.

why train as an effective group leader?

We believe that group leadership training is highly valuable
for both professional and personal development.

Effective group leaders create safe spaces and provide opportunities for change and growth that enhance the functioning of any group, team or community.

Training in group offers group leaders a unique opportunity to explore, understand and make meaning of the complexities of human relationships and interactions
that bring theory to life.

why engage in group therapy? 

The power of group therapy lies in its potential to foster
connection and belonging. The opportunity to engage in a community dedicated to creating an environment of inclusion for its members,
where change and healing can occur, is the process.
Personal experience is the content.

By exploring both common and unique experiences,
group members share support, discover strength, and realize that we are not alone.

The need to feel seen, heard, understood and appreciated
is essential to our physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.

The power of groups to effect wellness through personal, interpersonal and social change is an invaluable resource
with the opportunity to activate the best of our human potential.

“It takes people to make people sick and it takes people to make people well again.”
Harry Stack Sullivan

 Counselman, Eleanor F., Reader's Forum: "Why Study Group Therapy?" International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 58(2) 2008 

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